To understand more about the process, see how it works.

Is the gin any good?

No it’s not good, it’s amazing. Ryan Reynolds wishes his gin was this good. We distil and bottle in Melbourne by hand, using only the best Australian botanicals and ingredients.

What type of gin is it?
A modern Australian dry gin, perfectly balancing citrus and spice. Hints of orange, pepperberry, allspice and cardamom. Enjoy it straight, with tonic or however you like your gin.

Can we design our own gin recipe?
Unfortunately not. Recipe development and testing costs thousands of dollars, and impacts quality and alcohol levels. But we think you'll be very happy with our recipe - we've spent a lot of time perfecting and tasting it!

What can we put on the label?
Our designers will do all the work. You just need to send us a high-resolution file of your logo and tell us your team colours. You can also name the gin and include a personalised sentence or two on the bottle.

Are there minimum quantities we have to order?
No. The club doesn’t make any upfront commitments. We sell the gin directly to your members, whether it’s 15 bottles or 500 - you’re never out of pocket.

Do we need a liquor licence?
Yes. Even if you already have one, it most likely doesn’t cover off-premise sales (takeaway). You can apply for temporary liquor licence, which is $111.80 paid directly to the VCGLR. We can help you with the application process.

Are there any costs involved?
Other than the temporary liquor licence, once we finish bottling we’ll courier the gin to your clubrooms. There is a small cost for this depending on your location, which comes out of the proceeds from your sales.

How long does it take?
About two months all up. This gives us a few weeks to design your label and for you to apply for your liquor licence. Then you’ll have three weeks to sell as many bottles as possible. After that we need a few weeks to distil, then courier the gin to your clubrooms.

When can we do it?
We do two runs a year:

Label Design & Liquor Licence Application April October
Gin on Sale May November
Delivery to Clubrooms June December

Can we do spirits other than gin?
We launched with a gin because it’s quickly becoming popular, and we find it appeals to a broad range of club members. We are working on a whisky - maybe next year!

Do you ship directly to customers?
Not often, because it adds cost to the customer. But we never say never, get in touch!

Do you work with clubs outside of sport?
Yes. We partner with clubs, community groups, causes, charities and non profits, even businesses.

Do you work with clubs outside of Victoria?
We haven't yet, because shipping that much gin can be expensive. But get in touch and we'll see what we can do.